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Why choose the Posh Beauty?

At Posh Beauty, we treat your skin like the unique masterpiece it is, crafting personalized treatments for your individual radiance.

Our Services.

Discover rejuvenating facial skin treatments at The Posh Beauty, where your radiant beauty is our priority.

The Posh Glow

Experience the ultimate radiance with The Posh Glow. Our signature treatment combines the best of skincare and luxury, leaving your skin luminous, refreshed, and perfectly rejuvenated. Get ready to shine like never before.

Calming Facial

Relax and restore with our Calming Facial. Designed to soothe and nurture sensitive skin, this gentle treatment provides a tranquil escape from daily stresses. Enjoy a serene experience while reducing redness and promoting a serene, balanced complexion.

Oxygen Facial

Revitalize your skin and breathe new life into your complexion with our Oxygen Facial. This rejuvenating treatment infuses your skin with pure oxygen, promoting a radiant and youthful glow. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a revitalized, refreshed appearance.

Underarm Whitening

Achieve underarm perfection with our Underarm Whitening treatment. Say goodbye to pigmentation and dark spots as we lighten and brighten this sensitive area, leaving you with smooth, even-toned underarms. Feel confident and ready to flaunt those sleeveless outfits.

What our customers are saying…

Michelle Arduo
Michelle Arduo
She is a beauty expert indeed. I have a long term skin issues after the treatments and following her advised on how to take care my skin is worth it, I am grateful that i know her 😊😍, i believe in the process and my face is improving even one of my co workers noticed it.I will surely continue to visit her clinic.highly recommended. thanks maam clau.
Bianca Knowles
Bianca Knowles
Super friendly and knowledgeable! Will be my go to facial centre now :)
infinity user
infinity user
Very reliable and accomodating. Efficient and effective.
My skin feels so relaxed, moisturised and pampered after facial treatment by at Clau who is a professional nurse and also a beauty skin expert. She gives expert advise and oh so friendly. Her clinic uses state of the art technology that suits every need of the clients.
Karen So
Karen So
I believe all women are pretty without makeup but they can be more beautiful with Clau’s personal and professional service. She has complete package to present from day 1 (cleansing, healing, and maintenance especially for those who have long term skin issues) … and I’m still at her service after all these months. πŸ˜€
Theodore Halili
Theodore Halili
Personalised skin care! Thank you! :)
rendel lim
rendel lim
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